Discriminating audio enthusiasts know the cornerstone of an extraordinary home theater is its sound system. Xtreme Theater Xperience provides you with the ultimate custom designed experience.

XTX Group has created a home cinema system that produces the loudest, most accurate, clearest sound with the greatest impact imaginable – a sound system unlike anything you have ever experienced. All while maintaining the musicality demanded by audiophile listeners. Our systems are custom designed for your space and your specific application using a group of manufacturers and components of unparalleled quality.

It’s like having your own high performance race car specifically designed and built for you. Picture yourself seated in the center of our custom designed 7.1 system that incorporates a Dolby cinema processor digitally connected to 24 channels of Dolby/Lake Digital speaker processing feeding 24 Lab Gruppen amplifier channels totaling 60,000 watts of power!! Power and sound quality of this magnitude can only be experienced to be believed.

Imagine your foot on the throttle of a formula one racer with horsepower like you’ve never experienced yet with the agility to turn or brake at the highest speeds while maintaining control.


Owner and Founder - Jon Borman