High Performance Amplifiers


Precision Power Amplification and Loudspeaker ManagementTemp Image

We chose a very unique digitally powered analog amplifier with built in digital signal processing that not only sounds wonderful but can also produce the power necessary to provide uncompromising dynamic range.

Each amplifier channelís voltage/current output is specifically matched to each speaker or frequency range to provide the maximum transfer of energy and protection for the component being driven. The high efficiency digital amplifier is impervious to power surges and line fluctuations eliminating the need for expensive AC power conditioning.

The built in digital signal processing also allows us to monitor the actual speaker and speaker cable and will notify us if any changes occur. No other high performance amplifier used in audiophile or theater systems currently provides this capability. High current connectors match the speaker connections.

Lab Gruppenís twenty five year history of producing some of the finest amplifiers available for applications from touring rigs for many of the major acts around the world to critical monitoring applications assure long term reliability.